Monday, July 25, 2011


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I'd hoped to kick off Pie Week around these parts, as tomorrow's Nosy Interview is a pie wizard (and the smell of pie in the oven, particularly my mom's rhubarb pie, is one of my favorite food smells for sure), but it has been too hot in Boston to bake pies. It's not just the foolhardy notion of further heating up an already sweltering apartment, it's also the fact that pie crust and I share a reaction to humidity: it brings out the worst in us.

Also keeping me from my kitchen is a sink/dishwasher issue so disgusting that the repairman who came this morning told me that this was one of the "top worst smells" he'd ever encountered, and that he was surprised he didn't "toss" (tossing is underutilized as far as synonyms for vomiting go, no?). This is a man who, as he explained to me in perhaps slightly too rich detail, once lost an entire entertainment system to rogue fecal water that had come up through his bathtub. Needless to say, I'm writing from a secure location. But I trust that your kitchen smells much better than mine at the moment, and that, as far as your visits to the nosy blog go, you'll bear with me through the bad smells, too.


Elisa said...

Oh wow. This is terrifying.

Jake said...

Your mom's rhubarb pie is extraordinary - I just finished one last week - Hopefully this very experienced repairman can effect a quick fix

Preets said...

What is it with repairmen that they love to share those stories in too-rich detail? It's as if, having suffered through those situations, the only payment they can extract from the universe is to inflict the suffering on other people. We had a Roto-Rooter guy who once came to our house in Rochester to clean tree roots out of the sewer system, and when he arrived and said, "This is nothing -- I could tell you some stories," I said, "That's all right," but he did anyway.

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