Thursday, July 21, 2011

excessive heat warning

[via Thessaly]

My popsicles melted completely on the one-block walk home from the store (they're reforming themselves now, filling the puffed tubes of their containers). I'm starting to think the acrid smell is the air itself. So thick! When I'm complaining after weeks of slush and ice this winter, feel free to point me in the direction of this post and tell me to suck it up, that thin air, that barely-there air. 


Jenny said...

My humidty-filled sausage legs feel your pain!

I'm trying these homemade popsicles this weekend for some relief:

nosy girl said...

mmm, those sound delicious and look so beautiful! i love the color. i may have to give this a go myself this weekend, if i can stand to be in my kitchen for more than three minutes at a stretch.

sausage legs, oh i love it.

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