Wednesday, July 20, 2011

britta bonus

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Look what happens when you feature science smarties on the blog! You get some straight-up aromatic chemical compounds, drawn and annotated by Britta.  


Rob Whelan said...

That's awesome! I would like to know the chemical ancestry that explains the curious olfactory overlap between movie theater popcorn butter and urine. Britta?

nosy girl said...

what? i am intrigued, rob. do you mean movie theatre popcorn 'butter,' the stuff that has to go in quotes because it is not technically butter, but butter substitute or butter substance or butter-flavored oil? as a known popcorn connoisseur*, i have perhaps failed to notice/willfully overlooked this link out of love.

but i do stick pretty exclusively to certain local theatres (coolidge corner and somerville theatre are my favorites for anyone in the boston-area looking for a good way to spend one of these hot-ass afternoons) due to their use of real butter, or a non-gross substitute (if i'm not mistaken, landmark theatres recently switched away from real butter, but their popcorn is still quite delicious).

so tell me more about this issue! as you know, i could talk about popcorn all day.

*this brings to mind a question a facebook friend, Omar Wasow (I name him since I want to quote him here), recently posed: "Saying 'he's a connoisseur' is just a fancy way of saying 'he's addicted'...I guess my question is is there anything more than class and culture that distinguishes wine connoisseurs from pot heads?"

Beth Mattson said...

Wow, that's fantastic and now my desktop background. I will be dedicated to it for days before I admit that I can't find the.doc titles I am looking for against it.

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