Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nosy's first giveaway

Inspired by Aimee's mention of Crazylibellule and the Poppies, I'm holding the first nosy giveaway! One Rose À Saïgon "Crazy Stick"/solid perfume is up for offer, and all you must do to enter is share the link to Nosy Girl via facebook, twitter, your blog &/or e-mail. Or you can just tell someone out loud, in person. Let me know how/where you shared in the comments, and I'll enter your name in the drawing (it's all honor system here at Nosy HQ).

The stick has been opened to test the smell (very pretty, fruity & flowery) and the twist mechanism (sound). The perfume was purchased by me in a bit of a frenzy on one of those flash sale sites, so it's possible you'll see future crazylilubelle giveaways around these parts, depending on how this one goes. Thank you for spreading the nosy word!


Britta said...

Pick me! Pick me! I linked to the giveaway on FB. Hope you get some traffic, love!

nosy girl said...

Thanks, B! You are officially entered (and odds are looking good so far).

Anonymous said...

The girl sitting next to me in the library asked what I was looking at, and I said it was a giveaway post on this blog I just discovered. She asked what it was, and I said that I think it's a stick that smells. (To clarify: I know this girl.) She said, "Oh," and returned to her computer, Facebooking. I said, "No, it's cool. It's the stuff Aimee Nezehukumatathil wears." She said, "Oh, I always wondered what Aimee smelled like." (We were in a book club together that read her "At the Drive-In Volcano" together.)

Does this count? I swear this has happened.

Also, when does this giveaway end?

All my best, Nancy Lili

nosy girl said...

Ha, Nancy, this definitely counts! Spreading the nosy *and* Nezhukumatathil word (sounds like a cool book club).

Good question--I'll end the giveaway one week from today. You are officially entered, and thanks for finding your way here.

Inspired by Savannah said...

I emailed all my friends and will twitter about when I het home.

nosy girl said...

Thanks, CT Mom! You're in!

jocie said...

yeah! i want that delish perfume! and now all my FB friends do too.

nosy girl said...

yeah, jocie! you are officially entered. thank you.

nosygirl'smom said...

I spread the word about nosy girl daily: to various customers at work, to my favorite check out girls at the grocery store, to my book club buddies, and to each and every one of my friends. While launching my kayak (yes, somehow I managed to do it) on the 4th of July, a friend glided past and asked what Elizabeth was up to. I bellowed across the lake: CHECK OUT NOSYGIRL.NET!!!

nosy girl said...

thanks, mom! that is so nice. if there were preferential treatment around these parts (there is not!) i would enter you extra times just for figuring out comments. ♡

Lola DV said...

I talk about every post with my coworker, who is one of those fragrance free people, but always smells like sunshine and clean skin! We share a strong distaste and dissmell for Tide and spend a lot of time wondering which lady leaves the floral contrails in the hallway.

By the way, I am nervous to leave a comment on your blog because I already made up a word and likely made some awkward grammatical mistakes.

nosy girl said...

Oh, Lola, you can make up words around these parts any time you like! Especially if you're going to also use words like contrails.

Thank you for sharing the site with your coworker (who sounds like she smells amazing). You're in!

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