Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nosy Interview: Your Nominations

Your magnificent nose in the Celestial Still Life © Leonardo Julio & Carlos Milovic
If you're reading this, I'm curious what you smell like, and what you like to smell. And I welcome your nosy nominations. Whose smell experiences are you nosy about? Whether you've been interviewed or not, if you have suggestions of people you'd like to see sniffing in outer space, please get in touch.

It's been one year since I wrote Nosy Girl's first post.  Since then, I've shared forty-four Nosy Interviews in this space! And I'd like to keep getting all up in the olfactory business of dear friends, talented writers, internet crushes, inspiring perfumers, friends of friends, artists of all kinds, renowned weirdos, relative strangers, and actual strangers for years to come. (I really would like to conduct Nosy Interviews on the bus if it didn't creep so many people out to be asked about their odor by a nosy stranger.) Thank you all for reading, smelling, and sharing.


Britta said...

I can't believe no one has commented yet. I'm dying to hear from LB. And Ryan Gosling. Is that too much to ask for?

Anonymous said...

Would you be opposed to interviewing complete strangers? Random people on the street? That could be interesting. People who are forced to think of something on the spot. Or maybe interview regular ol' scent retailers?-- like the girls at Lush who always have so much to say about smells?

nosy girl said...

Yes, Britta, good suggestions both! I know what one of those gentlemen smell like, and am not even close to alone in wondering what the other likes to smell.

nosy girl said...

Nancy, I'd love to interview strangers! People can be a bit self-conscious, especially when put on the spot, about smell, so I have to figure out some way to convince them I'm not crazy/suggesting anything about their aroma (even saying someone smells great can make them bashful, I've found!).

Also, I have to tell you that searches for "nancy lili" surpassed those for Jay-Z (the #1 search term leading to Nosy Girl, always) this week. People want to know what you smell like!

Preets said...

Oh! I am sure you meant a realistic list and not a Dream List but my Dream List is endless! It would include Junot Diaz, Mindy Kaling, Jane Goodall, Temple Grandin, George Saunders, Jamaica Kincaid, Luisa Weiss (who writes the The Wednesday Chef blog), Molly Wizenberg (who writes the Orangette blog), Nigel Slater, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Ali Smith, and a child, any child, of about eight or nine years old.

Lola said...

It is such a treat to read anything from nosy girl! xo

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