Thursday, March 8, 2012

women smell well

[image via the Guardian's What is there to celebrate around the world on international women's day?]
Maria is reading What's Going on In There: How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life, and she sent me this passage:  
"There is one caveat about the observation that newborns innately respond to the odor of a nursing mother's breast: this effect has been seen only in girls and not in boys of the same age. In fact, females of all ages are more sensitive to odors than males...Older girls outperform boys on various tests of olfactory discrimination, while women of all ages are known to be more sensitive than men to a variety of odors."
Speaking of women and smelling, if I were anywhere near the Bay Area, I would beg, borrow, or strain a credit card to attend this "dinner devoted to the haunting magic of scent," featuring an incredible lineup of talented women.

While I'm helping you spend your money, I hope you'll visit Scents of Self on March 10, when Ari's Smell Good Do Good sale begins. I rustled up a few items to sell, including a decant of Serge Lutens' Jeux de Peau and a tube of L'Artisan Parfumeur's  Thé Pour Un Été lotion. All proceeds go to benefit Refuge, a UK charity working against domestic violence.

Today, International Women's Day, would also be a great day to visit Kiva and support a woman entrepreneur in the developing world. Use this link to make your first loan free.