Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy ♡ day

I wish you a day filled with smells you adore. Because I love lists, here is one filled with things past nosy interviewees have said they like to smell:

Lemons, rosemary, beeswax candles, pizza, fig, San Diego, blown-out candles, bus exhaust, coconut water, daughter, ginger, fresh coriander, chaparral, fragrant weeds, new baby, fresh milk, manure, rotting leaves, melting cheese, peat briquettes, cedar wood, sweet plastic, Gravitron grease, farmland, horseradish, warm bread, spicy honey mead, cats’ paw pads, street markets, fresh-cut flowers, sunscreen, red wine, vanilla, bay rum, orange blossoms, vetiver, curry powder, bee balm, gyro meat, fried food, herbs, earth, bourbon, laundromats, donuts, fresh hops, wet wool, Old Spice, tangerines, Aveda shampoo, dusty LP sleeves, cardamom, ocean, almond, cucumber, garlic and onions, old men in elevators, tennis balls, blood, Lemon Pledge, lilacs, pine trees, nutmeg, rosemary, just-cut wood, bacon, brown sugar baby, limes, leather, library books, roasted corn, box of crayons, Earl Grey tea, green apples, tomato, scotch tape, anise, fennel, sun-baked earth, burning pine needles, cumin, plumeria, moss, popcorn, first kiss, sun-dried clothing, warm fur, burning leaves, roasting chicken, clove, chlorine, cinnamon sticks, distant skunks, old books, strawberries, peaches, eucalyptus, night-blooming jasmine, just-lit cigarettes, rotting seaweed, steamer clams, sun-warmed skin.