Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nosy Interview: Emma Straub

 Emma in the Young Suns of NGC 7129, © Johannes Schedler

Though I haven't met Emma in real life, I have it on good authority that I'd like her if I did. In the meantime, I like her writing. You will, too! Visit her blog and buy Other People We Married, her book.  

What do you smell like? 
I often smell like vanilla, or melting chocolate, or cat spit, but that's just when I'm at home. When I leave the house, I smell like a teenager (Perscriptives' Calyx), a sex goddess (Kiehl's Musk), or some fruity combination of jasmine and gardenias. It is my life's ambition to smell as good as Lorrie Moore.

What do you like to smell?  
See above, plus all the old faves: my dad's ancient leather couch, tomato sauce, suntan lotion, my husband's t-shirts, my mother's perfume, anything made with butter and sugar that is fresh out of the oven, hamburgers, the ocean. Smells I don't like: the subway in July, wet dog, tacky beer on a floor.