Thursday, June 16, 2011

riggins forever

Six noseworthy posts and no Friday Night Lights representation!? Tim Riggins to the rescue. Let's all take a moment and imagine what he smells like.

EDIT: Others are already imagining:
  • "Trucks. Oil.  Camp fires and pine trees.  Dirt.  Leather.  Gunpowder.  Armpit sweat.  Chopping wood.  Meat.  Pizza.  Sex." via
  • "like stale beer and sweat" via
  • "And yes he smells good. He smells … like nothing. Like him. No fuss. Love." [on the actor,  not the character, but what a cop-out!]
  • "i don’t know why, but whenever i see a picture of tim riggins i just smell and feel summer" via
  • "a little like gasoline and a lot like locker room" via 
  • "like last night's mistakes" via 
Are other fictional TV characters' smells imagined so vividly on the internet? Or just the ones that look like this?


Charlotte said...

I think Tim Riggins totally smells like Drakar Noir, which is not really a "good" cologne (is there any difference btw perfume and cologne, btw?) but which so powerfully reminds me of high school make-out sessions that every so often when I pass a teenager on the street who is wearing it (yes! I think it is still around!) I feel all swoony.

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