Wednesday, April 27, 2011

royal smelling

I haven't been paying attention to the frenzy surrounding the royal wedding (except, of course, the  face-on-food angle), but this excerpt from perfumer Francis Kurkdjian's interview in Vogue UK (via NST) tickled my fancy: 
Who would you love to create a signature scent for? 
Actually Kate Middleton. Coming here at this time there is so much about the royal  wedding, and it made me think: she has no intimacy with anything, everything is seen. Her dress will be seen, her hair, her ring. I love the idea that her scent, the fragrance she chooses to wear on the day, will be the only part that is intimate.  
Of course, even Ms. Middleton's scent won't remain a secret if the British press has any say in the matter. What did you smell like on your wedding day?

p.s. Katie Puckrik, this week's nosy interviewee, talks about the scents she wore on her wedding day in the third installment of her perfume collection series.


Elisa said...

They'd probably bottle and sell it under the name "Intimacy" -- so much for the gesture.

Preets said...

As much as the anti-imperialist in me wants to puke at the whole spectacle of the royal wedding, I do feel a little sorry for poor Wills and Kate. Can't we just wish them well and leave them alone? I can't imagine how I would've felt if I'd had to invite, well, the ENTIRE WORLD to my wedding.

I wish I could say I smelled like lilacs and honeysuckle on my wedding day, but the truth is I probably forgot to wear scent!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and read it from top to bottom, you write very interesting and unique posts - thank you, that was a treat! :)

nosy girl said...

preets, today on the radio there was an announcement that jay-z & beyonce would not, i repeat, would not be performing at the royal wedding. it was just a rumor! everyone settle down. this was issued in the manner of a severe weather warning. lb said: well then i'm not going.

olfactoria: I am doing the very same thing with your lovely blog at the moment--and I'm so glad that it looks like I have lots more to read!

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