Tuesday, May 22, 2012

scents and a song

I love perfume, but it's a rare week that I change (or even wear) it every day. If you're versed in the language of perfume blogs, you'll recognize SOTD as an acronym for "scent of the day." Two weeks ago, I noticed I wore a greater variety of perfume than usual, so I made a little SOTD list (that it took me two weeks to post this brief list, and that I couldn't even sustain the note-keeping through the weekend proves I will never be a perfume blogger). I also listened to "Same Mistakes," the song above, every single day that week, so it's an SOTD doubleheader. 
  • Monday: Byredo's Pulp. Sooo juicy! I have a sweet tooth for fruits in life and in perfume and Byredo Pulp makes me want to bite into my own arm (in a good way).
  • Tuesday: My beloved East MidEast. Please, D.S. & Durga, bring this beauty back! 
  • Wednesday: Liaisons Dangereuses, the jammy By Kilian dream with a deep plum-colored heart and the creamy warmth of a blown-out candle. This one makes me swoon every single time.
  • Thursday: Rossy de Palma by Etat Libre d'Orange . Elisa (who thinks of SOTD as "spray of the day") introduced me to this gem, a bright thorny green stem and its rose. (My main squeeze says: "A snake in the flowers.") I like the conversation that Victoria and Elisa have in the comments about the texture of this perfume, because even though I appreciate its darkness and "leathery balsamic notes," there is something about it that just shines. Dark sparkles. Sequins. 
  • Friday: Frederic Malle's Portrait of a Lady. What a way to close a rose kick of a week! This perfume makes me want to put on a dress more beautiful than any dress I currently own. I especially love the touch of mint, married as it is to one of my husband's favorites fragrances, Geranium pour Monsieur.


Elisa said...

Great week! I wore Liaisons D one day this week too, then when it faded I layered the remnants with Beyond Love, which was very nice!

And I love Pulp. Have you tried Rose Praline? It would be right in your zone I think and I've been loving it lately.

nosy girl said...

Oooh, double BKs Elisa? Calice Becker may not approve, but I sure do.

I have only a wee dropper sample of Pulp, but I need to get a decant so I can appropriately spray myself with its bigness. And I'm desperate to try Rose Praline! You've never steered me wrong. Any chance you'll be wearing it tomorrow? (Semi-related: Does it ever not pour rain when you come back to town?)

Elisa said...

NO. It is always pouring rain when I come into town!

You're in luck -- I just ordered decants of both Pulp and Rose Praline, and I brought the latter with me. I'll wear it and bring it along tomorrow!

nosy girl said...

Lucky me! I will keep at least one wrist clean and be extra eager to sniff you.

People never believe me when I tell them how much more it rains in Boston than in Seattle, but I swear there is so much more precipitation here (the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association agrees agrees at least). Sorry it's such a soggy mess! Maybe Boston just wants to constantly affirm your life-choice, even as everyone you know who lives here wants to lure you back.

Elisa said...

That must be it! Even more (or worse, I should say) than just rain, it's always really MUGGY when I come back (whatever the season), so there is truly no appropriate way to dress, because it's kind of cool out but if you have to walk around or hop crowded trains, on your way to the office from your hotel, say, carrying your laptop and an iced coffee and an umbrella, you will be covered in a film of sweat from head to foot by the time you arrive.

nosy girl said...

Oh boy, you do not want to get me started on mugginess. On Monday I was wound up wearing a sleeveless floral (it doesn't really matter that it was floral, except that it helps to illustrate how all over the place this getup was) summer dress with a fairly heavy sweater over it (to further illustrate incoherence, this cardigan sweater has faux-leather elbow patches, so that I may camouflage myself in Harvard Square), leggings, and sandals. What season is it?!? At the coffee counter, it took me six minutes to decide between hot or iced. As you mention, the mugginess makes every errand or encounter its own strange microclimate, and then everybody winds up clammy and gross.

Elisa said...

Ha ha! That is it exactly. BOSTON = HOT MESS

Britta said...

I love this exchange. And want to hang out with both of you. Right. Now.

Elisa said...

If only you were in the sauna that is Boston right now, you could!

BTW, I listened to that song like 5 times last night before bed.

nosy girl said...

Yes, Britta, you should have been in Boston yesterday. You two would have enjoy one another. I *will* see you this summer!

Glad to hear you're working on wearing this song out, too, Elisa. I love it.

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