Monday, October 17, 2011

my little jasmine memory

I was once the proud owner of My Little Pony Baby Bonnet School of Dance. [photo via]

This weekend, a friend gave me a vial of Royal Jasmine Roll-On Hanky Perfume that he picked up on a recent trip to India. Jasmine is one of my favorite notes, and this particular version is lovely. Thick and bright green at first, it dries down into a scent that matches exactly a toy I recall, but can't place exactly, from childhood. Something sweet and rubbery, something I held often, something worn. My suspicion that some of the My Little Ponies (Hasbro introduced scented ponies in 1987) may have had this soft jasmine-plastic scent led me to this perfume review which in turn led to this article about fried bubblegum "tast[ing] like My Little Pony turds." It doesn't shame me to admit that this description makes me want to try the marshmallow treat described more rather than less. 

Do any readers remember a jasmine-plastic scent coming from their My Little Ponies? Or maybe you remember a different toy-of-the-80s having a jasmine aroma? I wish I could send a little puff of what I'm sniffing through the screen, so you could smell exactly what I mean, see if it transports you, too.


Unknown said...

Oh, you are young. I am old. Strawberry Shortcake dolls were the only scented toys I had. But I, too, would like to taste a My Little Pony turd. Maybe not while pregnant, but someday. Good luck on your search, lady.

Preets said...

I never had a My Little Pony, but those Corolle dolls smell like vanilla (not that I had one of those either, and I refuse to buy one for Rumika). I wouldn't mind having a jasmine-scented toy, though. For myself, not for her.

Britta said...

Oh! This rings so many bells (I want to make those last three words italicized). I was just in line at the grocery store when a little girl in front of me caught my eye: she was inhaling--there is not a strong enough word for it--devouring, sucking up like a vacuum, deeply sniffing the top of a baby doll's head...and I was totally transported to my own doll, no--not a doll. I am miffed! I can't see (but can totally smell) in my mind's eye whatever toy I had that smelled so delicious. Strawberry Shortcake came up, but I can remember that smell--too saccharine. This smell, yes, jasmine. Like grown-up baby powder and heaven. I would give anything to remember that rubbery form... Please inform if you figure it out!! (And that My Little Pony vignette above just breaks my heart.)

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nosy girl said...

Oh boy, this might be the first spam on Nosy Girl. Not bad, robots!

Anonymous said...

I've had the SAME experience. Only for me it's the Jasmine Garden hand lotion by OPI Avojuice. Every time I use it, I am sent back in time to a loved, familiar toy from the 80's. I can never figure out what it was...

nosy girl said...

You make me very curious about OPI Avojuice, Anonymous! I don't think I've smelled it (maybe at a nail salon?) but I wonder if it has that same mysterious toy smell that I'm trying to remember...

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Anonymous said...

i had a doll in the 80s that was possibly pony-related or at least my memory relates it to ponies and the color purple. i did not realize the overwhelming note was jasmine and have been searching for it everywhere for decades. the new gucci flora jasmine (the teal bottle) is the exact scent you describe. i cried immediately bc it was such a joyful shock to the system.

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