Monday, September 26, 2011

perfume dreams

The advertisers have reached me in my dreams! How else to explain that I dreamed of Prada Candy last night, dreamed of loving the smell of it on my arm, dreamed of that same frustrating back-and-forth of-course-I don't-need-it that happens in real life when it comes to any perfume purchase. But I've never even smelled Prada Candy! And though I love both candy, and the girl in the ad's hair, I think it's the perfume blog reviews of this benzoin bomb that have me dreaming candy perfume dreams.

This isn't the first time I can remember dreaming about perfume. This summer in sleep I was outrunning a storm, or the law, or some other encroaching menace, but I still took the time to spray my arm with huge amounts of Keiko Mecheri's Tuberose, and then, in my dream, in the night, in reality, I smelled that scent as clearly-- more clearly maybe--as I had when I sprayed it during waking hours, which I did as often as I could get away with at Colonial Drug's stuffy (depending on the employee) fragrance counter this summer.

Anyway, I'll try to get to a real life fragrance counter sometime this week, and I'll let you know if Prada Candy is as sweet in real life as in my dreams.


Beth Mattson said...

Which scent book was it that mentioned that people rarely dream with a sense of smell??? Because I too think it deff happens and we should write that author, or the whichever source she cited for that fact! <3 :)

Bethany said...

I have always disliked sweet scents and I've been wearing the same perfume for 4 years now. But this changed when I smelled Candy.

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