Thursday, May 9, 2013

twitter sniffer no.2

One of these days I'll just get over it & give in to Twitter. In the meantime, I found a few more fragrant tweets you might enjoy:


Preets said...

Ah, this is what you were referring to when you spoke of bringing Twitter to the untwittered. I love the Ruth Reichl one particularly because cream and coffee are separate. And the way Thomas Page McBee feels about eucalyptus is how I feel about the ponderosa-pine smell of New Mexico.

nosy girl said...

Yes! I read your comment quickly and saw "untwittered" as "unencumbered," which is still sort of how I feel about abstaining for the most part from the world of tweets, but R's sour-smelling knees (& related delights) are among the more beautiful lures of Twitter. Ponderosa pine! Beautiful sounding, that longing.

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